Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 16 & 17 we have concrete and plumbing lines

Tuesday 12-21-10 was REALLY boring and nothing happened........well, maybe we had fun with Scooby. You have got to love this little dog and disregard my annoying high pitched doggie talk. We do not know why he does this but if I have anything that has a hint of a smell to it he will roll into it. We did not know this and I was getting ready for work one day and I sprayed my coconut perfume on me and the mist lightly fell to the floor. I went into the closet and got dressed and came out and he was rolling upside down on the carpet mat I had at my sink.  Well, yesterday my hubby got a yoga ball to help his back and I just took it out of the package and he jumped up from where he was and started rolling on it. LOL

but what a day it was today Wednesday 12-22-10. The concrete truck arrived and they poured all morning.  They then did the next step which is to screed the concrete, again Wikipedia comes to the rescue for those unaware of what that term means. For those wanting a more in-depth article about screeding, using a Darby, edging tools and then a broom finish you can go to this article.  It is more of showing the steps on a smaller scale and why each step is needed. The guys used a concrete trowel machine which puts a nice finish on the concrete.

My Dad has not asked too many questions when it has come to the rest of the construction. He just wanted to know when they were going to dig out for his 10x10 shed.

They dug a small trench to keep the concrete hose from flying all over the place, I am sure the neighbors will be happy to hear that too.  What a great way to texture the outside of your house then a concrete hose flinging it in a lovely pattern.

They were trying to find the plumbing pipe to tie into that line coming from the street.

One of the many awesome plumber guys digging the trench line out for the plumbing.

This is what I found in my yard when I came home. They put the tractor on my yard and not on my parents yard. Thanks guys!!

This is from the front yard going down the right side of the yard to the back to tie into the newer plumbing pipes.

FINALLY!!! Dad has his little 10x10 concrete pad for the future shed he has always wanted. LOL

You can see the recessed shower more now. A recessed shower basically means that the water line sits below the slab.  The pan does not require a rubber pan and you can just prep it with what we call "mud" mix and the float it out then tile it.  They are trying to get the codes changed because the original idea was that the water would just drain back into the ground.  Now they are finding that there is a lot of mold associated in FL. in showers with pan water wicking back up the wall board.  There are so many arguments out there as to what to do to prevent the mold.  You will not find recessed pans in all downstairs home, it is not required. You will however, never find them in an upstairs showers.

After the inspector comes in and inspects the pipes they will finish filling in the dirt and then pouring the rest of the concrete.

This is the concrete trowel machine, it even has a cup holder. LOL (seriously)

Dad's future shed.

This is the name of the guy who is doing the remodel.

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