Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another one bites the dust....

Wow!!! My last post was January 25, 2011. This year has been amazing and I hope the next will be even better.

1. We finally sold the house in St. Augustine.

2. My sister had her second baby, a little girl.

3. My two nephews are thriving and getting into normal 2 year old trouble.

4. My sister and her husband moved in next door.

5. My parents in-law suite was completed, after arguing constantly with the superintendent.

6. My husband has had a wonderful job and we are hoping it stays that way.

7. My sister-in-law, her husband and my nephew moved into my Grandma's old house, so now they are closer.

8. I have reached my 10 year mark with my job and we are still going strong there. :)

9. Not so good part of the year is that I gained weight. I am back at the needing to lose 80-90 lbs.

Now I am not going to beat myself up. I know what happened and I can blame it on the fertility drugs, the depression (which I am over), lack of time but they would just be excuses.

So here is where I am at, I WILL NOT be going on some diet program, I am doing this my way. I find that when I do diets I tend to cheat with my foods. Before the holidays began I ate what I wanted and it was the full fat versions of whatever I made. I found I ate less and was more fulfilled. I wound up losing 15 lbs. over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since I need to lose 80-90 lbs and it is safe to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I figured I could do it this year, 52 weeks in a year is really not that long.

This is my way of getting my life back without help from others, I did this to myself and I WILL get myself out. I do not plan on blogging everyday but I will try. I am trying to make foods ahead of time that are healthy but not skipping the fat. Now by fat I am talking real butter, coconut oil, olive oils, peanut butter, eggs (not egg beaters), whole milk or coconut milk.

I am not asking anyone to follow me on this journey or follow my lead. Everyone is different and what may work for me may not work for others. For instance, I can not have artificial sweeteners, it is only asking for an instant U.T.I. I do however use Stevia, Sucanat and Agave. I will stick to Organic fruits and veggies, I feel better when I stick to a mostly vegetarian diet.

I have been using recipes from other blogger websites. I love The Pioneer Woman site and I have adjusted some recipes to make them a little more vegetarian. :)  I know she will be so disappointed but conversion is necessary. I also follow The Nourished Kitchen, Heavenly Homemakers, A Cozy Kitchen and for personal inspiration and I love how she writes Enjoying the Small Things.

I am not making this as a resolution because when February rolls around those are out the window. I do believe in new beginnings and that it is never to late to start something. So I toast the New Year with a new way. I will try to lose at least 1 lb. a week and if I don't I will not beat myself up. It took me years to learn these bad habits and I am assuming in 2 years I will change them.