Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 16 & 17 we have concrete and plumbing lines

Tuesday 12-21-10 was REALLY boring and nothing happened........well, maybe we had fun with Scooby. You have got to love this little dog and disregard my annoying high pitched doggie talk. We do not know why he does this but if I have anything that has a hint of a smell to it he will roll into it. We did not know this and I was getting ready for work one day and I sprayed my coconut perfume on me and the mist lightly fell to the floor. I went into the closet and got dressed and came out and he was rolling upside down on the carpet mat I had at my sink.  Well, yesterday my hubby got a yoga ball to help his back and I just took it out of the package and he jumped up from where he was and started rolling on it. LOL

but what a day it was today Wednesday 12-22-10. The concrete truck arrived and they poured all morning.  They then did the next step which is to screed the concrete, again Wikipedia comes to the rescue for those unaware of what that term means. For those wanting a more in-depth article about screeding, using a Darby, edging tools and then a broom finish you can go to this article.  It is more of showing the steps on a smaller scale and why each step is needed. The guys used a concrete trowel machine which puts a nice finish on the concrete.

My Dad has not asked too many questions when it has come to the rest of the construction. He just wanted to know when they were going to dig out for his 10x10 shed.

They dug a small trench to keep the concrete hose from flying all over the place, I am sure the neighbors will be happy to hear that too.  What a great way to texture the outside of your house then a concrete hose flinging it in a lovely pattern.

They were trying to find the plumbing pipe to tie into that line coming from the street.

One of the many awesome plumber guys digging the trench line out for the plumbing.

This is what I found in my yard when I came home. They put the tractor on my yard and not on my parents yard. Thanks guys!!

This is from the front yard going down the right side of the yard to the back to tie into the newer plumbing pipes.

FINALLY!!! Dad has his little 10x10 concrete pad for the future shed he has always wanted. LOL

You can see the recessed shower more now. A recessed shower basically means that the water line sits below the slab.  The pan does not require a rubber pan and you can just prep it with what we call "mud" mix and the float it out then tile it.  They are trying to get the codes changed because the original idea was that the water would just drain back into the ground.  Now they are finding that there is a lot of mold associated in FL. in showers with pan water wicking back up the wall board.  There are so many arguments out there as to what to do to prevent the mold.  You will not find recessed pans in all downstairs home, it is not required. You will however, never find them in an upstairs showers.

After the inspector comes in and inspects the pipes they will finish filling in the dirt and then pouring the rest of the concrete.

This is the concrete trowel machine, it even has a cup holder. LOL (seriously)

Dad's future shed.

This is the name of the guy who is doing the remodel.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Construction continues Days 9-15

Day 9 starts us off with a sprinkler on the dirt to help compact the dirt after the grading, pretty boring day in the land of construction at the house. LOL
Day 9 12-14-10

Day 9 side view

Day 9 in the trenches (a little construction humor)

Day 9 another boring wet dirt view


Day 10-12 they dug some more ground behind the slab area for the back "Lanai" area (fancy word for porch). LOL They also dug out more footers for the Lanai and the frame work was laid down for the concrete for the Lanai as well.

A better view so you can see the main slab for the addition in the background.  The frame work in the foreground is for the Lanai and the sidewalk that runs around the house.

Dad inspecting all the grading.

You can see my house next door. :)

The recessed shower.  It will be 33 square feet, handicap accessible.
So Day 13 which falls on Saturday 12-18-10 they did the termite treatment to the ground and covered it with a vapor barrier. Most of the pictures are taken at weird angles because we are not allowed to walk near the sprayed area. Plus I do not want to track it back into the house. :)

This is the sidewalk coming to the side where the existing Master Bedroom window is, The AC unit for the addition will sit to the right of this window and a little back.

You can tell it rained all day Saturday right after they sprayed and laid the barrier.

Day 15 Monday 12-20-10, today was REBAR day.  The best way to explain Rebar is this:

When the slab is loaded and force applied to it, the top of the slab directly under the load will be put in compression. However at the bottom of the slab. the concrete will pull itself in tension.

Put the ends of your fingers together than flex your wrist up. You will feel the pressure at the top of your fingertips and you will see a gap open at the bottom.

That is what is happening in a slab. Concrete is strong in compression, poor in tension.
Rebar, or steel, is the opposite. By combining the two, you develop a product that is superior and complimentary to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual materials.

Plumbing pipe going to the shower, sink and toilet.

Hopefully tomorrow will be concrete day!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is the true meaning....

Every year since I was a little girl, Christmas seemed to be about one main concept-the birth of Jesus. I think along the way people get lost once the stores start the "Holly Jolly Christmas" music.  It becomes more about what are you getting so and so then it does about celebrating Christ's birth.  The past two years has taught me so much and one of things I hold close to my heart is FAMILY.  We have had our ups and downs with anything and everything you can imagine.  On December 22nd last year my husband had to have back surgery due to a herniated disk and was out of work for 6 weeks.  After the 6 weeks was over the Dr. said he would probably need more therapy and need to be out of work for a little while longer.  His work had decided that they needed to let him go and we became a one income family on a two income family budget.
We have cut and cut and cut, then cut again everything that we could out of the budget.  Granted he has a job again but it was about August before anyone would hire him, he can never again lift anything over 30 lbs.  Try telling people that is a job interview, it goes over really well-NOT!  We are slowly and I mean slowly recovering, but it puts a real scare into you.  We rarely if ever go out to eat, date night has become Netflix and homemade popcorn (which hubbie tells me tastes way better than the movie theater popcorn).  But we count our blessing such as we at least have a home to watch a movie in. We have our family, friends and most important each other. 

I remembered that my paternal grandmother had told me a story about the Depression. She said during hard times people need their families closer to them and wants and needs are more clearly defined.  She said that she started asking herself do I really need it or do I just want it.  This is something I started really doing more and more. Such as I really want a new Keurig coffee maker, food processor, Wii...etc.  We need groceries, gas money and our jobs.

This Christmas we decided to do something different, as a family we decided this year not to exchange gifts and we have told friends the same.  We have asked that we all just get to spend time together and enjoy what we already have in life, each other.  To put it in a different perspective, if I get you a $20.00 reindeer and you get me a $20.00 Santa Claus are we any better off in our friendship or family because of that thing. I would like to think you would say "No" but some may say yes.  We are so consumed as a society as to what possessions we have as to what relationships we have.  If I were to die tomorrow I can not take those things with me, but the love from family and friends would lift me spiritually higher and higher. 

I know to some this will be a cheesy post and they have every right to feel how they want.  I know what is important to me and that is all that matters.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday that is filled with LOVE, HAPPINESS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  May you remember the real reason for the season!

Love to all

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Haul out the plumbing...wait that is not a Christmas song!

Well, the building has begun and we could not be happier, this means soon we will hear the sound of hooves on the rooftop. OK so the sounds of little Shepherd toddling around the new addition instead of hooves. 

For those who are not aware of what is going on here is a quick synopsis. My husband and I live next door to my parents.  My sister and her husband currently reside in Daholonega, GA (look it up a cute little town with a "rich" history). My brother-in-law just graduated, we are so proud of him, so they are moving to Orlando.  Mom and Dad decided to keep the family close as in same house close. So they are building a new suite onto the house to accommodate them and then my sister, her hubbie and my nephew will live in the main part of the home.  Building started on December 6th with the dropping off of the wood to build the frame for the concrete to be poured.

Day 1

Day 1 Survey

Day 1 Survey
 Day 2 was not that eventful, since they started digging to lay the pipe for plumbing.

Day 2 Start Digging for Plumbing Lines

Day 2 Plumbing

Day 2 with Ebony supervising the job at the end of the day
 Day 3 they moved more dirt around and cut the cable, Internet and phone lines (whoops).  Granted the cable line was only supposed to be on the side of the yard they were not digging but the cable company ran three lines to the house when there was only supposed to be one. Lazy cable people!

Day 3 more dirt (nice Bobcat)

Day 3 more dirt

Day 3 more dirt

 Day 4 was pipe day, the plumbing for the shower toilet and sinks has been laid and awaits inspection. The Inspectors came on Friday 12-10-10 so now they can move onto grading the land on Monday 12-13-10.

Day 4 Shower Plumbing sticking out of the ground

Day 4 the toilet and shower

 Day 5 or what would be officially day 8 on Monday 12-13-10. They started to grade and prep the ground for the concrete to be poured. Although  the weather has not been behaving lately with the cold snap they will probably pour the slab Thursday or Friday.

Well, that is it for now but I am sure we will have more to say at the end of the week.