Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is the true meaning....

Every year since I was a little girl, Christmas seemed to be about one main concept-the birth of Jesus. I think along the way people get lost once the stores start the "Holly Jolly Christmas" music.  It becomes more about what are you getting so and so then it does about celebrating Christ's birth.  The past two years has taught me so much and one of things I hold close to my heart is FAMILY.  We have had our ups and downs with anything and everything you can imagine.  On December 22nd last year my husband had to have back surgery due to a herniated disk and was out of work for 6 weeks.  After the 6 weeks was over the Dr. said he would probably need more therapy and need to be out of work for a little while longer.  His work had decided that they needed to let him go and we became a one income family on a two income family budget.
We have cut and cut and cut, then cut again everything that we could out of the budget.  Granted he has a job again but it was about August before anyone would hire him, he can never again lift anything over 30 lbs.  Try telling people that is a job interview, it goes over really well-NOT!  We are slowly and I mean slowly recovering, but it puts a real scare into you.  We rarely if ever go out to eat, date night has become Netflix and homemade popcorn (which hubbie tells me tastes way better than the movie theater popcorn).  But we count our blessing such as we at least have a home to watch a movie in. We have our family, friends and most important each other. 

I remembered that my paternal grandmother had told me a story about the Depression. She said during hard times people need their families closer to them and wants and needs are more clearly defined.  She said that she started asking herself do I really need it or do I just want it.  This is something I started really doing more and more. Such as I really want a new Keurig coffee maker, food processor, Wii...etc.  We need groceries, gas money and our jobs.

This Christmas we decided to do something different, as a family we decided this year not to exchange gifts and we have told friends the same.  We have asked that we all just get to spend time together and enjoy what we already have in life, each other.  To put it in a different perspective, if I get you a $20.00 reindeer and you get me a $20.00 Santa Claus are we any better off in our friendship or family because of that thing. I would like to think you would say "No" but some may say yes.  We are so consumed as a society as to what possessions we have as to what relationships we have.  If I were to die tomorrow I can not take those things with me, but the love from family and friends would lift me spiritually higher and higher. 

I know to some this will be a cheesy post and they have every right to feel how they want.  I know what is important to me and that is all that matters.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday that is filled with LOVE, HAPPINESS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  May you remember the real reason for the season!

Love to all

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