Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Construction continues Days 9-15

Day 9 starts us off with a sprinkler on the dirt to help compact the dirt after the grading, pretty boring day in the land of construction at the house. LOL
Day 9 12-14-10

Day 9 side view

Day 9 in the trenches (a little construction humor)

Day 9 another boring wet dirt view


Day 10-12 they dug some more ground behind the slab area for the back "Lanai" area (fancy word for porch). LOL They also dug out more footers for the Lanai and the frame work was laid down for the concrete for the Lanai as well.

A better view so you can see the main slab for the addition in the background.  The frame work in the foreground is for the Lanai and the sidewalk that runs around the house.

Dad inspecting all the grading.

You can see my house next door. :)

The recessed shower.  It will be 33 square feet, handicap accessible.
So Day 13 which falls on Saturday 12-18-10 they did the termite treatment to the ground and covered it with a vapor barrier. Most of the pictures are taken at weird angles because we are not allowed to walk near the sprayed area. Plus I do not want to track it back into the house. :)

This is the sidewalk coming to the side where the existing Master Bedroom window is, The AC unit for the addition will sit to the right of this window and a little back.

You can tell it rained all day Saturday right after they sprayed and laid the barrier.

Day 15 Monday 12-20-10, today was REBAR day.  The best way to explain Rebar is this:

When the slab is loaded and force applied to it, the top of the slab directly under the load will be put in compression. However at the bottom of the slab. the concrete will pull itself in tension.

Put the ends of your fingers together than flex your wrist up. You will feel the pressure at the top of your fingertips and you will see a gap open at the bottom.

That is what is happening in a slab. Concrete is strong in compression, poor in tension.
Rebar, or steel, is the opposite. By combining the two, you develop a product that is superior and complimentary to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual materials.

Plumbing pipe going to the shower, sink and toilet.

Hopefully tomorrow will be concrete day!!!!

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