Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Next Phase....

Onto the next hurdle or stirup, whatever.....

So I had my appointment last week on 10-19 to go over the HSG results while AJ was there so we can all decide on a game plan. LOL
First of all I think our Dr. just came off of a all nighter at the hospital, he looked like he had not slept in 72 hours. He asked why we were there and I basically had to review with him. I guess he was confused since I they had another Dr. in the same office do the HSG because mine had a family emergency that day. (Dr. talk for a golf game he wasn't going to miss)
So back to the office talk, he said everything about my HSG went great, my tubes are no longer blocked and my uterus looks fantastic. So we scheduled another appt. for when I am on cycle day 3 for a blood test and another ultrasound. So I had my visitor visit me and I had my Dr. appt. yesterday to do the blood work and the "FUN FILLED" ultrasound. Let me tell you when you are on day three and you have an internal sonogram, not so much fun. :)
He basically went over what I already knew, I have major PCOS on both ovaries but supposedly this fertility meds they are putting me on has a greater success rate then Clomid. This medicine is called Femara and is actually used on women who have breast cancer. They have found that it helps women with PCOS get better results and less side effects.
Dr. McNichol also is having me take 4000 mcg of Folic Acid due to the fact that Spina Bifida runs in the family and I am to take it one month before and three months into the pregnancy as well.
Day 9-15 I do an ovulation kit tester to see if I have an LH surge, if I do I use these (umm how do I out this politely) inserts of Progesterone (and no I do not swallow them they go in another area) 3 days after the surge. On day 12 I go back to the Dr. for another ultrasound to see if a folical burst or did not, if there is one that has not they will help it along with another drug and 2 shots I have to do myself and only do them at night. Then I go back on day 20 for another blood test to see if it all worked. If not we do this two more months, then onto the next thing which involves a lot of shots, more ultrasounds and more drugs.

The good news is that the blood tests they did in the clinic came back all normal. The ones they set out to a lab have not come back yet, they said one week.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HSG over with, onto the next hurdle. :)

I had my HSG yesterday and there was some blockage in both tubes. They were able to clear them both, so now I go back on the 19th to see what the next route is. I am not really sure what is next, other than drugs and shots like they had discussed earlier with me. The other good news is they thought my uterus was folded in half, which would have required surgery to fix, well it is standing like it should, nice and tall. LOL So now onto the next adventure. :)