Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Almost there......

Wow! It has been a long fun run with the kitchen. A few times it felt like we were sprinting forward to the finish line and then wham, new issue. We got into the attic, well not me the electrician, to run a line for the island vent hood. He found a mess in other areas on his way to get to the kitchen area. We are talking spliced lines without caps, no junction boxes....etc. So we decided to put everything on hold until we could save up some cash to get it all updated and fixed. It is not like we had a ton of stuff left to do but we did not want to finish and then have a fire. I DO NOT want to go through this again, all the issues we had are worth the goal. I apologize for the pictures below. We are STILL trying to locate the camera, so these were taken by my Pantech Burst phone.I don't think they turned out because the flash cover for the back of the phone was missing at the time. LOL

 The garbage can by the doors is being installed in the cabinets.
 This was the day before my nephews birthday.
 I am picking out a stone backsplash. Something like tumbled marble with amber colored glass accents.
 This is the front Living Room area a little bland right now. I am working on digging everything out of closets and other rooms that we had moved all our furniture into.
 I need to replace the blinds on the right window. It was my dog versus the blinds during fireworks.
 The base under the stove is now installed.
Can I just say how much I love these floors?!?! I got more compliments this weekend on those floors and how much they looked like wood.

So here is some of what we have left to do.
1) Finish the trim and crown molding at the taller cabinets and upper cabinets on other wall.
2) Finish a smaller trim and sand down the door to the Florida Room.
3) Pick out a backsplash and install it.
4) Finish trim work in the bathrooms
5) Replace door casing at front door (see dog vs. blinds above) Man that dog HATES fireworks, lightning, beeping noises...anything that makes noise. LOL (Yes we know about the thundershirt and sedatives and they both work, no we do not use them together, sometimes in Florida you get SURPRISE thunderstorms).

I will post more this weekend, my husband was going to look for the camera today.