Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cakes, cakes and more cakes

These will all show the cakes I made first up until this past Christmas. Hopefully you will see the progress I have made since 2004. :) I won't bore you with all of them since I have so many but I think this will give everyone and idea. I have gotten a lot better especially with the flavor combinations. After all it is not what it looks like that matters, it is more the taste that does.

This was a cake we had to do for my first class, it was a stacking test and a buttercream icing roses test. I made a "Mad Hatter Garden Party" It was ummmm, interesting.

This was for St. Patrick's Day almost 3 years ago, it barely made it to the party, it was 2 feet high and shifted the whole ride there. When we cut into it, it fell apart.
This was Brenda's Birthday cake in 2005

These were my roses I made out of gumpaste during my second series of classes.

This was another test cake we had to do with scrolling on the sides.

AJ's dads Birthday cake 2 years ago

Ann McCullough's bridal shower cake, it was a Luau.

Then shortly after her Baby Shower cake, she had a carousel theme.

My Aunt Karen's birthday cake from 2 years ago, she loves pink roses.

This was an Easter Cake I did this past Easter. The flowers are all gumpaste.

This was for a Black and White Themed New Year's party we went to this year. I actually loved this cake, even though it was simple.

I just did this cake in November for a 50th Wedding Anniversary for friends of my Mom and Dad's. It took me three days 1-2 hours each night to hand make the flowers. The two cakes were put on different plates because the two tiered cake was a loaded carrot cake with walnuts, a toasted walnut cream cheese filling. The other was a butter cake with a strawberry cream filling. So just in case of allergies.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ticker's and Updates on Biopsy results

As you can see we have a race. :) My sister Brenda and AJ's sister Tammy are both pregnant. I know Tammy will deliver first but it looks like race. The other ticker is my journey into weight loss. As you can see a lot is gone but I just got over the hump. I started on Novemeber 1, 2008 with this weight loss clinic and lost 30 in the first month. Yes that is a big 30! Trust me when I say it was NOT easy during the holidays and I did allow myself one bite of a cookie (very small), I let AJ pull a piece off and give it to me. The reason I started this whole eating right thing was in part of my fertility Doctor. After almost 7 years of trying for baby it has taken it's toll on my body. Between the drugs and procedures I look like I should have had 3 kids by now. Besides it really is not good to try to get pregnant when you are heavy anyways, to many risks especially with all the issues I have. Well, between 3 different doctors they have finally found all the problems. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), Endometriosis and endometrial hyperplasia. So even when I was on the Clomid it would have never worked without trigger shots and other pills. My pap came back abnormal as well this month and they had to do a uterine biopsy. I went the other day to get the results and the cells are worse than they were two years ago. Part of this could have been prevented if I did not skip last years pap. Now they have to perform a LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure), basically a more invasive biopsy and scraping the abnormal cells, the samples go to Pathology. I do not have cancer but I am in the precancerous stage, it is a warning sign and some of it can be fixed and reversed. After that procedure two months later I have to go back to break up the scar tissue so we can try again. For the next two years I have to have a pap every 3-4 months depending on what the test results from the LEEP show. We can keep trying in those two years, hopefully I will have lost the rest of the weight by the end of April (I am shooting for a goal of my 35th birthday that month). Well that is enough depressing news for now. :) I am keeping a VERY positive attitude about all this. I do feel very blessed though since I never really get sick or hurt and if this is my only issue I can be thankful. If nothing comes about by the end of this year though we are going to start the paperwork for adoption. :) I will post pictures of the weight loss though soon, so keep an eye out. LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Once upon a blog....

Well even though AJ and I do not have much to post from our day to day life little things do happen along the way. :) This is basically a venting blog for me and a way to share my cake decorating success stories and total disasters. Also I can vent on the fun of infertility, trust me I won't go into to many gorey details. Other than that any little funny thing that comes along will probably be thrust into this blog of ours.