Thursday, January 13, 2011

Days 18-34

Well, we finally reached the New Year!!! Shepherd attended his first New Years Party at the Meyers house. He loved the people, kids, music and especially his car-car (as he knows it by). This kid LOVES this little car, he can be screaming his lungs out and tired as heck, you stick his little butt in that car and total silence.

December 23rd they came back to cute the expansion joints in the concrete on the sidewalk around the house.  They also covered back up the pipe for the plumbing, now we don't have a moat between the two houses. LOL 

Not much went on from days 18-26, it was mostly waiting for the concrete to cure and then it rained. This further delayed construction and on day 27, 1-5-11, we finally got the concrete block delivered.

 Granted that it rained for a couple more days after that and then on day 29, Friday 1-7-11, they started on the block.

This lead into the weekend which no work was done and then they started again on Monday 1-10-11 and by Tuesday 1-11-11 they were done, they did come back the next day to clean up the slab. They were excellent concrete masonry guys, clean, quick and thorough.  This link has a great do it yourself how to concrete block yourself.

When I got home today I saw they delivered the roof trusses today so soon we will be in the framing game. 


  1. Renee, Thanks for sharing on the housing project. I know dad and mom are thrilled to have you all so close. We think of you all often and miss being with you there. Send our love to all.

    Fran Miller

  2. Awwwwww, Fran and Rick we miss you guys too!! I am so happy that with today's technology we can stay so updated. :) Love you guys!!

  3. Man! Bob is living the dream! Having his children so close. I wish we could have something like that. Hmmm. nightmare?