Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Over the shampoo

I know it sounds like a weird title, but I really am done with the shampoo.  I have noticed that the more I wash my hair the greasier it looks.  Not only that but my hair will not do anything, oh the joys of living in Florida with humidity.  People that come from up North to visit the great state of Florida may think that we have no style but after a few days at Mickey Mouse land with humidity reaching its peak they realize why we stick with boring straight hair, nothing says fun like hair spray and gel leaking into the eye.  :)  Well that is unless you have curly hair and then it is just frizz.  Anyhoo, anyone who knows me, my hair is fine and straight and will not hold a curl.  My scalp has become an obsession, all day I want to sit on my hands to keep from itching it.  Arrggghhh!  The funny thing is I have no dandruff, just itchy scalp.  So I started to search and search for solutions until one day I was going through my google reader and low and behold on one of the blogs a solution.  Baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar or has been titled No More 'Poo!  I love the back to basics website and I think she may have saved me, after finding this I did more research and started on my quest this morning.  I took a shower and washed my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar!  I even scrubbed my face with some of the baking soda as it fell on my face (keep your eyes closed while pouring on your scalp).  My hair felt a little lighter and bouncier, granted they all say the first three washes are basically cleaning out all the gunk from the other shampoos and after 2 weeks it will look fabulous.  I thought that the vinegar smell would be strong all day in my hair, but honestly I can not even smell it.  From what I have read on other sites some people boil the apple cider vinegar with mint leaves and put it in a squeeze bottle.  From what I have seen, after your hair has been without 'poo for awhile and you use this, your hair will become less and less greasy!  Shampoo basically strips all the healthy oils out of your hair and your hair over produces the oil to compensate.  I will blog in two weeks to see where I am at with the no 'poo thing.  I can honestly say that yesterday morning I used shampoo and everyday by 4:00 it looks all greasy (yeah it is that bad).  I will have to see how it goes over the next two weeks.  For those of you not will to go without the 'poo, some people combine baking soda with the 'poo or there is another product called WEN and I did use it for awhile and loved it, I did not love the cost though!

Also, totally off topic but I have a new obsession it is called the Farmer's Market.  I use to go to them about once a month but now I find myself going once every weekend!  I bring my little collapsible cart with me and start with the fresh herbs, basil, rosemary.  Last month I bought 4 HUGE basil plants at $1 each and 1 rosemary plant, this sucker was 3 feet tall for only $3.00.  Every time I go I get fresh tomatoes and garlic and on the way out there is a guy who sells the best bread evah!  I go home chop up the tomatoes, some garlic a little onion, basil, rosemary, salt, pepper and some olive oil. Walla instant Bruschetta, so easy, I think I will post this after Saturdays excursion to the market.  On a side note though I would LOVE to have a true Farmer's Cart a la France:

The only problem is these suckers are about $180.00, maybe one day I will get lucky and trip upon one in a thrift store.  A girl can dream!


  1. for $180 it should collapse like the one you already have.

  2. I see what you are saying but for me pretty outweighs the functional part. At least on this item, most of the time I am about functionality.