Friday, June 25, 2010


I follow quite a few blogs, but one of my fave is from the Bird and Berry.  She has such wonderful ideas and prizes, being one that I have looked at for awhile now and I won one.  I am Mrs. Organization and I have that motto, A Place for Everything and Everything In It's Place.  I know I am a dreamer, because we don't have kids and I know that one day I will be ripping my hair out and loving it at the same time. LOL

Well Jill had a contest for a Cansolidator from Shelf Reliance and I have been WANTING one for years. 

So I came home one day to this:

Come to MAMA!!!!
So I opened the brown box and found this inside:

Then opened this box to find all the goodies inside:
So I looked over the instructions, very short and sweet, my kind of project:

You put together the railings first, which is basically the frame of it:

After the rails you put the sides on, you start with the first one on either end, you pick:

Then you add the other railing to the other side. You can't really see it close up, because my camera is
misbehaving, but there are numbers on the railings (this will come in handy on the next step:

Then you select any can in your pantry, I selected a larger can, yeah this can did not last long I love pineapple.  OK, back from pineapple land, you line up the can against the side to see what number the can lines up with:

You pop the next side into the number so the can fits kind of snug, but not so snug it won't roll.  Before I started the next side I tested it to make sure it ran through before moving onto the next.  The directions do not say to do this but I am a little retentive:

So you just continue on the path using large cans and small cans to measure spaces until you get to where you are out of side.  Trust me you will have enough if you use all small cans or all large cans:

I am still building my new pantry so I have not had a chance to put it in there yet.  I am using it though, it is just in my temporary pantry the armoire:

Please ignore the kitchen, we are getting ready to rip everything out and rebuild it.  I really dislike the cabinets from the 70's painted white and the drawers that no longer work.  I will keep everyone updated!!!

Love to all!!!

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