Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am so stealing this idea!!!

I do not like clutter, see previous post below.  I feel that when you are organized you can stay on track time wise.  I am always trying to find new ways to store stuff but still make it look good.  When we bought this house I had intentions for every room and we are slowly working on one room at a time.  We have this one room in the house, we shall call it Renee's Room, that I love to be in.  The problem is that I HATE the color.  It is a tangerine pink orange, basically puke color.  When I am in the room I just want to paint it, I use this room to grow my herb garden in, it is a Florida Room and with its huge windows it gets a lot of light. 

My problem is that I can not settle on a color, I love the french cottage look with a mix of traditional and a little Americana country. LOL   So I was skipping through my google reader and happened upon an idea.  AJ and I love board games and we hope that with the nephews in and out of the house, this room will become a indoor (but feels like outdoor) playroom.  We love to be outside but please in Florida it is impossible to tolerate the humid heat from 10-4.  So I was thinking maybe a reading and board game room.  We have a large table in there and a couch I love to read in.  The board games though take up shelf space and the boxes they come in do not hold up well.  So Beckie from Infarrantly Creative has this cute idea that can also function as art. 

Makes perfect art!

Plus all the pieces to the games store on the back of the frame.

Perfect for my room, wall art and storage, check and check. Here are a few photos, for the how to and materials needed click here. Now I just need to find my power tools, pick a wall color and I am ready to go!


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