Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crock Pot Yogurt

I LOVE yogurt, it has so many great benefits to your body. Especially at this time of year with tummy bugs going around it is a great way to balance out the natural bacteria again in your body. The only problem is the expense, wow! Well, I found a blog from a lady who decided to do one year of using her crockpot for her dinners. On one blog she actually made homemade yogurt. I am posting the link and I am going to try this!!!


Also I am posting a site for a book that is online and it has TONS of crockpot recipes. :)



  1. sounds yummy. My sister makes crock pot yogurt and I have yet to give it a try(: Let me know if you find some yummy recipes out there. I need to do more in my crock pot. I have a couple I will send you that are so yummy(: Miss you and hope you and AJ are doing great(: Talk to you soon(:

  2. Hey girl! I saw this recipe on your blog a while ago and I meant to say what a cool idea it is! I want to try it sometime! Thanks for posting it!