Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 week wait....

Well we are now on the two week wait to see if I might be preggo, if not we will have to wait 8 weeks to start all over. So while we are waiting I thought about cooking. I know I do not have kids and it seems I would have tons of time to just whip meals out. Well, when you buy a foreclosure and you are fixing, building or installing something every night, as well as Christmas is around the corner...well you get the hint. I LOVE my crock pot (slow cooker) to some. Nothing like taking 10 minutes in the morning to throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and come home to a wonderful smelling house. Well this morning did not go as I had planned. I saw a london broil in the fridge that I got a really good deal on, I thought I had bought it last week when I went to the store but with my brain lately I forgot I had bought it on 12/7. So when I opened the package, the smell hit me and after gagging I wrapped it up in several grocery bags and stuck it back in the fridge until Thursday when the garbage man comes. So I went to the store at 6:55 a.m. since I had already chopped and seasoned everything before I opened the package of green meat (YUCK!). I swear I am a good cook, ask anyone who knows me. LOL So I went to the store and my selections were limited but I found a nice chuck roast. Hopefully when I go home tonight the house will be filled with a lovely smell and all I have to do is make a vegetable. :)

My go to site for crock pot recipes is. http://www.crock-pot.com/Recipes.aspx
You can select which meat you have and it will give you tons of ideas. I do this when I look in the freezer and see a few meats that have not been used yet. When AJ and I shop we go to Costco or Wal-Mart and buy a bulk of meat on sale and freeze it. We don't eat meat every meal, I am more of a vegetarian. You can make desserts, pasta...etc. in a crockpot all year. Plus it has a huge bonus, during the winter time you get a hot meal and I have made some pretty good soups in it before. During the summer you don't heat your kitchen up and living in Florida where the weather changes from warm to hot and then to the "Are we in hell" HOT! Although during the summer we like to grill more than anything else. I love, love, love grilled veggies and fruits. AJ loves to grill fish and of course steaks. :)


  1. You are an amazing cook, and an even better baker. =) We'll be praying for you during your 2WW. Love you! =)

  2. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

    I need to do better at crock-pot cooking. I think my family is getting sick of instant potatoes!

    You go girl!