Monday, October 25, 2010


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween!!!!  I love to decorate and scare people, but this year I decided to have a Ghoul's night party.  I usually have Ghoul's Night once a month and this was perfect timing, I was feeling crafty. 

Let's start with the goodies I needed to do all the projects. 

The first project was a modge podge pumpkin. I got this idea from Maddycake Muse and The Other White House

You cut the napkins in strips and put modge podge on the pumpkin, I used ceramic white ones from Hobby Lobby, they were 1.25 each with my 40% off coupons.

This is the final project finished, two medium and one large. I put these aside because I will be using them on another project later.

Onto the next part of the project:

First I took these dowels, very cheap at any art store.
I spray painted them black matte and let them dry

I then took these little blocks that were at Hobby Lobby for $1.25 each and wrapped them in the same napkin as the pumpkins I did.
I drilled a hole in the middle of them a drill bit the same size as the wooden dowels, I used 3/4"
I put glue on one end and inserted it into the drilled hole and let dry overnight. I set them aside for part of the project.

My next part was very easy, I bought these sculls at Dollar Tree, they are making the rounds on blogs. I also took some jewels I had leftover from some project, they were the perfect size.  I took them out of the package and pushed one into one of the eye holes. They fit perfect and I did not have to glue them good thing because all the modge podge by this time was drying enough to where I could peel it off my hands. :)

 So they look like this when the jewel is in the eye.

Are you tired of reading yet, I swear this only took 1/2 a day to do all of this.

The next part of the project was to take (you guessed it) Dollar Tree pumpkins and paint them Black Matte:
You may have to touch it up a little, due to the Styrofoam and the plastic orange coating on it, it will pucker close to the stem. See here:
I took some round jewels and started from the center of the pumpkin and used glue dots to secure each jewel: 

 You can make your own patterns, I am a little OCD so I followed the middle going up then down. 

OK not bring all the elements together:
The damask pumpkin, the skull, black pumpkin and wooden dowel tower.  You will need a drill with bit of whatever size dowel you used.  Again I used 3/4" so I used a 3/4" drill bit.
I drilled a hole in the black pumpkin first since it will go on the bottom.  I drilled at an angle because I wanted it to look a little Mad Hatterish.  Very carefully slide the pumpkin on and grab the skull next.

Doing the same with the skull, drill at an angle and carefully slide it onto the dowel.

Luckily my ceramic pumpkin had a hole in the bottom of it, so I just had to punch a hole through the napkin and slide it on top.  You can secure the black and white pumpkin on top but I choose not to so I can store it easier.  Just be careful when you are moving it because it will fall off the top and break.

I made two of these total for centerpieces.

My next project was taken from Hostess with the Mostess website, very quick and easy.

Take Dollar Tree rings that have sculls on them.  Use the small glue dots again and pink jewels and put them over one eye.
Then take the sculls and slide them onto the stems of wine glasses
Now comes the fun part of putting it all together:

 Drink station:

I put some glow in the dark bones into a lantern, some over sized grave markers behind the drink tub.  I wrapped the blue tub used from the the previous bridal shower and wrapped it in black fabric. The "toxic" sign, another Dollar Tree find.  I stretched cobwebs all over the place (again from the Dollar Tree).


The hand looked a little to manly for my Ghoul's night so I added pearls to it and a silver candlestick. I have not had a chance to polish the candle holder in awhile and the tarnish worked great for it.

Dollar Tree crows, I put one on top of the grave marker and one on the Toxic sign. I wrapped pearls around the crow to add a little feminine touch to it. 

As you can see from this angle, behind the tub is a black light. My crappy camera can not get what the effects looked like. 

 I ran a burgundy curtain I had laying around down the center of the table, I had two panels and they worked great.

 I used acrylic diamonds on the table to add to the glitzy. 

I took some of the leftover Dollar Tree skulls and put them into a tall vase and put some purple jewels in the bottom of it.  I ran some diamond beading around the edge of the vase.

The dessert bar:

Dollar Tree find number 5,046 (smile). This menu was only $1.00 and I love it!

See, here is a better shot

 I want to paint the candle holders black and rub a little bronze into them but I ran out of time.

Here is my fireplace but again, my camera sucks so I stopped here because the battery ran out and the light was bad. :)


  1. Oh my goodness girl that was amazing looking at all your craftiness(: Looks like it was/will be an amazing party(: Miss you and look forward to seeing you next month(:

  2. Have you thought of a profession as an interior decorator???

  3. Thanks everyone. Right now I am working on Abraham and Annie's flowers for their cake. The gum paste is not wanting to play nice. LOL Garvin, I will leave the decorating to the real professionals, besides I would wind up smacking a really picky homeowner. LOL :) Love you guys!