Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucas's 1st Birthday

Wow has this much time passed!!! My little nephew is 1 and I just realized how much time flys by.  My SIL went with a Baby Sesame Street party, I love me some Cookie Monster.  True story, when I was around 3 years old, my Mom and Dad were doing things on opposite ends of the house.  Well they both had a problem at the same time, so my Mom said "Hurry and go get your Dad".  I went back to get Dad and he said "I have a problem go and get your Mom".  Well I went back and forth with them saying the same thing and wound up crying not knowing what to do.  They finally figured it out and found me crying and they bought me a Cookie Monster doll to make up for it, I still have it but he is missing an eye.

It was his 1st birthday so we kept it simple and sweet, after all you can give a kid sensory overload. LOL

Again, I am very bad about taking pictures because I am always running around the whole party, maybe when Brenda moves here I can put her in charge of that. :)  Love you little sister!

I at least got a few pictures of the cake and Angela and Sydney before the crazy started.
Here was the best one, the others are blurry because of the smoke coming off the grill.  Yummmm, honey did a great job grilling again. Love you babe!

This was one of the cakes.  I have been working 40 hours a week and I had a UTI so it is not the best cake I have ever done.  I had another idea in my head but I had to change it due to time restraints.
Anyways I still love it because of Cookie Monster.

Even though he gave me the most trouble I still love him.  His arms kept falling down, we live in Florida and it was so hot.  So I used a cookies to hold up his arm.
Elmo on the other hand was easy and worked really well, The only issue I had was I ran out of white icing and did not get to cover the rest of the cake board under his feet, as you can see here. :)

I used the stand up Teddy Bear pan from Wilton and cut off the ears and nose. For Cookie Monster I cut into the head a little to form a deeper mouth so it would look more 3-D with the cookie in it.  I was baking cookies for the ice cream bar and just took a little dough and made smaller cookies.  After they cooled a pit some around him and broke on up to look like he was eating them.  The eyes are rolled fondant with black icing for the eye balls.  Elmo's nose is fondant as well.  The arms and legs are butterfingers, leftover from the crushed ones we made for the ice cream bar.
All the letters and numbers on the cake are made from rolled fondant and I used Wilton's letters and numbers small cutters.

This was his smash cake and I got the little figures from Party City, they are actually candles but they worked as decorations.  The reason why I did not do a way over the top smash cake was one reason only, red dye is so hard to get out of clothes, carpet, hair...etc.  I decided to go with the cookie monster blue at the very bottom and we removed all the figurines, it worked out very well. 

Now, onto the ice cream bar.  I had everything out already because I did not want to try to set it up while kids were running through the house.  Very bad idea!!!  As soon as the kids saw it, granted the ice cream was still in the freezer, it was all over.  I felt so bad, one little girl was pouting because her Mom wanted her to eat first, then she could swim and then have ice cream.  Sounds fair to me but when you are little and the table is at your height you figure why not. 

Again this is not as decorated as I wanted it but being sick for a few days it still worked. 

This is it partially together.  I still had to put the cherries in the bowl and rearrange a few things.  It is hard to see but I found little Elmo candy heads for the kids to put on the very top of the sundae.

Cookies in case someone wanted an ice cream sandwich instead or cookies in their ice cream.  I love Oatmeal Raisin cookies!!!

At the beginning of the line we have all the good stuff.  Toffee bits, peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, Baby Ruth, Nestle Crunch, Oreos and Butterfingers (all crushed).  Next to that fresh blueberries, strawberries and pineapple. 
Next to that (not pictured) Reese's Pieces and M&M's and walnuts.

My favorite new cute item, the ice cream topper carousel, from Sur La Table.  They no longer make them and you have to locate one by calling different store and having it shipped to you.  Anyways, we put different sprinkles and colored sugars in them.  You can put hot fudge in the cupcake part, but I figured little kids and dripping hot fudge in the sprinkles. Ummmm NO!

Now onto the real fun!!! Smash cake time!!!!
Here is Lexi and Lucas, she is the little cheerleader. Come on Lucas you can do it!!

Tammy, his Mom, put his hand in it after he looked at it for a long time, not knowing what to do. 

He still hasn't really tasted it, he just keeps opening and closing his little hands.  Testing out the consistency of it, looks like Elmer's paste glue.  You know the stuff we all use to eat, OK maybe it was just me.  I can still smell that stuff to this day and it still smells appetizing. LOL

Now Sydney is in on it. I love that kid he is so adorable!  Lucas is tasting it and wait for it, wait for it, I think he likes it.........

Yep there we go this is how I eat my cake. :)

Lexi don't get to close or he might make you wear it too.  She is a cutie!

Here is Sydney again, this kid just smiles at me and I want to buy him a car. :)  All of his sisters and brothers are like this!!

Ooops, where is the cake go, Tammy took it away, smart woman!  The rest of the party he was wired and laughing as he walked around about 100 mph.  I love this kid, his eyes, personality cheeks and toothy smile!!

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