Monday, November 9, 2009


This can get confusing at this point when they give you three drugs and only two have instructions. On Saturday I had another Ultrasound, since they found a follicle on Thursday, I got the all clear to do the HCG shot, Ovidrel, (only 1) on Sunday night to give to myself in my abdomen. Before I left though they gave me a presciption for one other drug I can pick up from CVS. The other two I was given there because they have a fertility pharmacy on site. :) The two I picked up are Ovidrel and Progestone (these are the ones that go in the umm well not orally), sorry to the guys reading this LOL. I was told the Progestrone to start that on Wednesday and the shot for Sunday night. The other prescription I thought was subsititute for the progestrone that could be taken orally. So fast forward to today (Monday) when I was scratching my head when they only gave me two pills of Estradiol. The progestrone they gave me at the office there are 20 of those. So I called the office and they just called me back at 3:00 p.m. and said I was supposed to take those two little pills, one Saturday and one on Sunday before the HCG shot. Arrgghh, they wrote only two of the meds down and every time they talked it was only regarding two meds not three. The little pill was supposed to make the lining in the uterus more receptable for a implantation. So I am already paranoid about maybe this not working and maybe miscarrying since most people that go through this you are throughly warned there is a higher risk of miscarriage. The nurse said not to worry though that since my lining was fairly good they did not forsee a problem. So no I have to make sure though that I DO NOT miss my progestrone. I was also confused because I was told to keep doing the ovulation tests until I see an ovulation. When I spoke with the nurse I expressed to her that everything I read said that I should have ovulated this morning but NOPE NEGATIVE again. She said "Oh you are still doing those, when you give yourself the shot you will ovulate there is no need to do the tests and that you should ovulate within 24-36 hours, the tests don't really work right with the Ovidrel. Also, do not do a pregnancy test for 18 days snce the shot will show you that you are pregnant with the hormones you just injected." So they were going to tell me this when, this is my first time on this particular medicine so a little more info from them would be great. :) I am supposed to take a home preg test in 18 days and if negative I go see them to do a blood test. If all is negative we start over again.

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