Monday, March 9, 2009

Weddings, weddings, weddings....

Well, Saturday my friend Stella got married. It was a beautiful event and everyone had a great time.

She looked gorgeous and it was hard to not show emotions and keep it together.

After all how often do I wear make-up and do my hair. (smile)

Well the cake turned out ok, I would have loved to added more flowers but with time and other issues, well anyways.

This is the groom's cake, he loves NASCAR. Don't be too impressed, these were frosting sheets on a race car shaped pan cake. I did not have to do anything but bake, ice, peel and stick the sheets on. HUGE timesaver.

Mom and Dad came out to support their "other daughter", they had a great time and loved being there.

Brenda and Marvin were able to make it just for the weekend, it was wonderful to have them there for extra support. Plus, they helped me cut the cake. :)

Shelby (junior bridesmaid in pink), Trisha (bridesmaid in the middle), Me on the far right.


  1. You look fantastic!!! Way to go girl!
    And I think your cake looks great!

  2. Renee...this is first time I have seen the RESULTS from all your weight loss...Abe said you looked fabulous...I must AGREE!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Great job on the cakes, by-the-way!!!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I still have a hill to climb but at least I am off the mountain. :)