Saturday, February 14, 2009

LEEP Procedure

Well it is done and I feel blessed. I won't find out anything until the 23rd of this February. As I was wheeled into the procedure room they gave me a sedative so I was a little loopy. My eyes were playing tricks on me or so I thought. When I looked to my left I saw a guy standing there that looked so familiar but since I could not get my eyes to adjust and I was going into la la land..... Anyways, after the procedure was done and I was waking up I saw that same guy walking towards me. I was finally getting my focus back and I realized it was Jared Day (Angel's husband). I felt much better knowing that someone I knew was helping with the procedure and felt very blessed to have him in the room. Maybe that is why I have had no pain since yesterday, a little sore but no major pains. Thank you so much Jared for coming to say Hi after the procedure so I could see who it was and that it wasn't the drugs. Sorry I did not recognize you at first with the sedative goggles on. After this procedure hopefully we will be given the ok in May to start trying again. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers around that time. Love to all!!!

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  1. I love this story!!! There is something wonderful about having someone close to you...around...when you are going through something like this...